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 Kim Goodwin’s One-of-a-Kind custom Marilyn Monroe dolls

Using the Franklin Mint doll as a vinyl “form,” Kim strips it down to basics and starts fresh. He skillfully and meticulously adds hair, make-up, clothing and accessories specific to Marilyn’s character and costume in each film. He doesn’t sew, but brilliantly finds ways to approximate Marilyn’s original movie costumes.

These dolls are not for sale. 


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Georges Delerue
Theme De Camille



Such a sad song. One of my favorites. If I’m not mistaken a small part of this appears in another sad favorite of mine, Song To The Siren by This Mortal Coil. Originally composed for the Jean-Luc Godard film Le Mépris (or Contempt in English), this song is probably better known to younger film-goers from its use in Martin Scorsese’s film Casino.

I love this melody! So haunting and always reminds me of the aching melancholy of Le Mepris and the leaving of Camille in that movie.

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